I will help children creatively in whatever form I am able, which really means I give children permission to be themselves, and not little adults. Most people know me as a preschool teacher and face painter, and are anxious to give their children my stories.  I still like to draw on the sidewalk with chalk whenever I get the chance.

I am an artist. Writing for children and randomly drawing on anything from paper to jeans to sidewalks takes up a lot of my free time. 

I have devoted most of my life to teaching children and realized that I was being taught daily by children what love really is, truly is, and how to give and receive it in ways that are nonviolent and empathic for everyone.  

Now I am creating stories that children need right now, because what they experience is not always kind or teaching them to hold themselves sacred.

​When you read my words and experience my art you can expect to be reminded of the value of children and their unique voices that shine through my stories. This work matters because our world needs more truth in a creative medium for children.

​My question for you is, who was your favorite adult as a child, and how did they treat to you?

Meet Children's Writer Ozma ​Bryant