For Ages 9-12:

(An exceptional story about friendship, love and loss)

(Another of DiCamillo's stories that captures dispair, empathy and hope in a way that children recognize)

(An oldie that stands the tests of time, I discovered this much later as an adult and wish I had read it as a child)

(For any girl- or boy- questioning her inner voice or place in this world, this is a must read filled with adventure)

(For any boy- or girl- looking for the unexpected and thrilling in a book that is filled with love and fright at the same time...)

‚Äč(A wonderful truth about finding love where we least expect it, and learning how to receive it)

For Ages 4-8:

(Need a story about feelings and why they are all normal and awesome? Look no further, this book nails it for the little ones who are often overcome with emotions)

(To help cope with changes, loss and death in a simple, non-frightening story)

(It pays to speak two languages, and your kids will love finding out why in this fantastic book)

(In this gem of a story a little girl from divorced parents finds out what is beautiful about both sides of her family, something many kids can relate to and need help discovering)

(Have a child obsessed with our current 'Princess Culture'? READ THIS BOOK!)

(The importance of treating our loved ones with kindness)